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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Work Experience: National Acrobat, Spiral Architect... v=MsSSn3vaPJI

Nobody will ever let you know
When you ask the reasons why
They just tell you that you're on your own
Fill your head all full of lies

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath! When I first heard it, I was fucking blown away! I had the privilege to have grown up with parents fresh off the boat from Italy. That means they were Nazis about what I did and what I thought. I am so fucking thankful I turned out the way I did, the exact opposite of what they wanted. I had a lot of help along the way. No matter how much bullshit I was fed, Black Sabbath was there to say "Well mate, you're gonna have to figure it out for yourself because nobody knows what the fuck they are talking about!" It rang true with the verse I quoted above. I am actually listening to this song as I type. It still sends chills down my spine. The riffs, the lyrics and the imagery on that album which I proudly have a gate fold copy sitting on my shelf. The images were diametrically opposed. One was demons surrounding a bed and trying to claim someones soul. The other, a more heavenly scene of a person dying in bed and angels surrounding said person. This album is so incredible, I remember when I bought my first guitar over a decade ago i had to learn this song first!

I wanted to mention some other songs from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. A National Acrobat is so fucking incredible! I love the stoner groove in the beginning and when Ozzy's vocals come in, the sounds coalesce into an experience equivalent to three day Viagra sex with Satan's daughter. Yeah, it is THAT good. The lyrics are about living life to the fullest, and the questions we have not answered regarding what happens after death. Apparently Ozzy wants you to listen, and he's talking to you! v=ESFH1gNsARw&feature=related

That arpeggiated riff in the beginning was another must learn on the guitar for me. It is a perfect introduction to this epic song. This is feel good music, it talks about how fucked up the world is yet there is still good. No matter how ugly we are to each other there is still a faint glimmer of hope. This song helps me keep my center. I mean I have a horrible fucking temper, it has gotten me into so much trouble in the past I am surprised I am not rotting in a cell. When I listen to this though, I stop and consider the good people I know in my life. I also think about being a father and how much of a gift that is. It's funny, people are so adamant about saving the earth and I wonder what about ourselves? The earth would just begin a reclamation process when we are gone. The point being that when we are gone, that is it. Just like the millions of species that are extinct, they're never coming back. See, this is what Black Sabbath does to you. You get thoroughly rocked and rolled and ponder the universe at the same time.
This album was and still is a favorite. I am so glad I wrote this, it has put so much into perspective. I hope this album means as much to you as it did to me. Black Sabbath's first four albums are essential to all metal collections. I started out of order, but I will give you my take on the other three albums. You know that I should
You know that I should
You know that I should
Now if you listened to Spiral Architect ,you'll get the above joke.

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